a bit about me…

Hello all!

Here’s a bit of information about me if you’re curious:

*23 years old, Kansas native, currently living in Lawrence, KS– aspiring to live in Colorado and/or Oregon in the near(ish) future.

*KU alum (graduated May ’10 with B.A. in English/Creative Writing)

*Some of my interests & passions include: reading, writing, wine, poetry, art, photography, music, books, psychology, mythology, Buddhism, philosophy, languages (I have background in Spanish and Latin, and hope to learn many more!), thunderstorms, autumn, Oregon, California, Colorado, traveling, playing harmonica, being outdoors in nature, animals, stargazing, the moon, bonfires, singing, dancing, going to concerts, meeting new people, long talks, coffee, tea, baking, learning about whatever I can, the list goes on…

*I am an only child. I have the greatest, craziest (in a good way), most inspiring friends & family and an amazingly sweet & wonderful boyfriend. I have an insane, yet precious chinchilla Gizmo and an equally insane, yet precious tuxedo cat, Buster.

*I truly believe everything is connected and there is something to learn from every experience. Things have a tendency to work themselves out–the universe steers towards harmony.

Any other questions? Leave me a comment or drop me an email: lkitz@ku.edu

or visit/friend me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lkitz

*~me and my love~*


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